Principal Panasci Talks Pizza

Principal Panasci Talks Pizza photo
Sagamore Middle School Family and Consumer Sciences students recently learned the steps to preparing a popular Italian food, as Principal Frank Panasci delivered a demonstration on how to make pizza.

As part of the food preparation unit, seventh-grade students in Michelle Esp’s, Kristin Barnes’ and Judy-Lyn Ciancarelli’s family and consumer sciences classes learned the various steps to create a delicious pizza. For his first job, Principal Panasci worked at Eddie’s Pizza located in Lake Ronkonkoma, where he picked up key insight into the pizza business, which he shared with the students. Principal Panasci discussed the importance of preparing each ingredient and how pizza places grind cheese and make dough. To the surprise of the students, Principal Panasci even demonstrated his expert dough-spinning skills for each class. 

Concluding the instructional lesson, students enjoyed a sample of the pizza they learned to create.