Grundy Avenue Students Race the Clock

Grundy Avenue Students Race the Clock photo

Problem-solving, collaboration and teamwork were at the center of a recent challenge Grundy Avenue Elementary School third-grade students worked to solve as they participated in a Breakout EDU activity.

As part of the event, each class raced the clock as it attempted to solve puzzles to determine the combination to open each lock within a secure box to reach a prize. In the allotted 45-minute time period, student teams worked together as they solved reading puzzles that gave them clues to the next portion of the challenge.

Breakout EDU is an activity that encourages students to work collaboratively while incorporating creativity, communication and critical thinking skills. Each activity can be adapted to the current curriculum and includes a wide variety of subjects such as ELA, math, science and history.

At the conclusion of the activity, each student group reflected on its Breakout EDU experience. Students explored what they learned during the activity, what problem-solving methods worked well and what they can do to improve next time.