Goldilocks Goes on Trial

Goldilocks Goes on Trial photo

The multipurpose room at Hiawatha Elementary School transformed into a courtroom as fourth- and fifth-grade students participated in mock trial proceedings, where the famous storybook character Goldilocks was tried for her suspected crimes against the Three Bears.

To prepare for the event, the students worked with lawyer Glen Vogel to learn about fundamentals of the American legal system and take part in various activities to reinforce the concepts. The students then put their newfound knowledge to the test by acting out a fictitious case based on a series of famous children’s books. Each student assumed different roles in the mock courtroom as they brought the scripted trial to life. 

A jury composed of third-grade students listened to testimony from the cast, which included the Three Bears, Chicken Little, the Big Bad Wolf and Goldilocks herself. The activity provided students an opportunity to strengthen public speaking skills and the ability to identify characters’ points of view through analyzing questions and answers. 

Each separate class trial was overseen by a special guest judge, including Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kenneth Graham who oversaw one class’ proceedings as the students continued their theatrical legal lesson.