‘Life Is a Dream’ at Sachem North

‘Life Is a Dream’ at Sachem North photo

The Sachem North Drama Company performed their rendition of “Life is a Dream” on Dec. 7 and 8 and have a third and final performance scheduled for Friday, Dec. 15 at 7:30 p.m.

The play tells the story of a prince who must learn empathy and compassion for others before assuming his throne. 

It’s a 17th-century classic of European theater written by Calderon de la Barca that explores many of the same questions that continue to intrigue us today: What does it mean to be a ruler? What responsibility does a leader have to their people? And what part does love play in allowing us to see ourselves in the other?

The leading cast includes Alexa Adler as Arminda, Joey Albano as Clotaldo, Julia Albino as Estrella, Sonny Bergamini as Segismundo, Graham Burdick as Astolfo, Meghan Elberti as Basilia, Katelyn Frawley as Julia, Matthew Mazer as Armand, Paige Menneci as Rosaura and D’Angelo Treston as Clarin.

More than 70 students were involved in various roles, from actors and actresses to the stage crew and support staff, for this production.

“I believe what they’ve accomplished represents a significant step forward for the drama company,” said Stefan Kelleher, Sachem North’s faculty adviser and director.