Chippewa Celebrates 50 Years of Education

Chippewa Celebrates 50 Years of Education photo

Chippewa Elementary School recently celebrated 50 years of education during a day filled with special activities remembering the past.

The day began by recognizing past teachers and staff in attendance through special words by current Principal Patricia Aubrey before a ceremonial ribbon-cutting ceremony. A time capsule sealed in 1968 by former staff members was opened and the contents displayed in the multipurpose room to showcase the preserved treasures from the past. Among the contents found within the capsule were old photographs of students and various documents displaying current trends of the time. 

Additionally, the day included several connections to the students’ social studies curriculum, as students were challenged to pick a past era and study what was popular during that time. Students created comparison posters showcasing current trends and how they contrasted with ones of the past. The posters were displayed amongst the time capsule artifacts for the visitors to enjoy as they viewed the collection of items.  

Concluding the special day was a parade throughout the building lead by past teachers and staff, followed by each kindergarten class dressed in holiday costumes.