Thanksgiving Food Drives Bring Out Best in Sachem Students, Staff

Thanksgiving Food Drives Bring Out Best in Sachem Students, Staff photo
Thanksgiving Food Drives Bring Out Best in Sachem Students, Staff photo 2
Sachem was at its finest on Tuesday morning when students and staff across the district came together for one last push for the annual Thanksgiving food drive at both Sachem High School East and Sachem High School North. The high schools combined to generate more than 1,600 boxes this year. 

“This is probably one of the most impactful things we can do in our schools,” said Emma Hirt, president of the Student Government at Sachem North. “Every year we average over 1,000 boxes, and it’s amazing. It’s really cool when you’re finished and see how many families we’re going to feed this Thanksgiving.” 

Students began in September generating funds and items and have worked extremely hard over the last two weeks sorting, packing and shipping the boxes. 

“It’s a great feeling knowing that we’re doing something that goes to people in our community and helps them out,” said Erin Mullery, the Student Government president at Sachem East.

The boxes were shipped out on Tuesday afternoon to various local churches, food pantries and other organizations. 

“You see the best of everybody come out around this time,” said Damon Gallo, a Student Government adviser at Sachem East. “We’re doing something that directly affects people. We’re able to give someone a Thanksgiving meal that otherwise may not have one. This is community service, this is civics. The students love the fact they can help out people in our community.”

For Sachem North teacher and Student Government adviser Jonathan Chiaramonte it’s about inspiring the next generation of volunteers in the building, knowing that dozens of alumni will be out doing good in the world after their impactful experience at Sachem.  

“The reason we want so many students involved is because we don’t want it to end here,” said Chiaramonte to a crowded auditorium during a food drive assembly on Tuesday. “We want them to do that in their dorms in college and continue this. None of us need to be here to make that change. So many students of ours have gone on and done fundraisers like this. We want you to be inspired to continue a life of service.”