Tamarac Teacher Turns Broken to Beautiful

Tamarac Teacher Turns Broken to Beautiful photo

Art students at Tamarac Elementary School have been working toward something special this year as part of a recycled rainbow-crayon reward program promoting teamwork, respect and recycling within the classroom.

Students across grade levels in Alexis Rae Curcio’s art class have been displaying teamwork and togetherness as they work to earn 100 class points, points that are assigned in recognition of good behavior. Once the point goal is achieved, the students receive a multicolored recycled crayon produced by Ms. Curcio.

To make the colorful creations, students and staff throughout the building were encouraged to drop off their broken crayons, which Ms. Curcio then melted down in different molds to form various shapes. Throughout the students’ time in art class, the importance of reusing and recycling was emphasized. 

To date, several students have received multicolored crayons and are eagerly integrating their multicolored effects into their creative works of art.