Reptiles, Reptiles, and More Reptiles! By Giavonna Perkins

critter club photo
Sagamore Middle School’s Critter Club was visited by Jungle Bob on November 15, 2017. Jungle Bob is a specialist when it comes to all kinds of reptiles.

Jungle Bob visited Critter Club and brought in some fascinating reptiles to observe. First, Critter Club members saw and felt Rosy, a cool, scary and hairy tarantula that was the size of a human palm. Then Critter Club met two slithery and sly snakes that had wildly colored patterned skin. The little one was about one and a half feet long. The little one also had red and black stripes on its skin. The larger snake was about two feet long with an unusual pattern that was green, yellow, and tan. One student got to wear it as a necklace. We learned that every snake is unique in its own special way.
Next, we saw a bearded dragon.  I fell in love with it quickly because it was tiny and cute. The bearded dragon had yellow skin that felt like rubber and it had a blue tongue. When I held the dragon the wrong way, I got scared because the dragon looked like it was about to scream. Now I’m wondering, do bearded dragons actually scream? Turns out I loved the bearded dragon and it was a fascinating experience, one I will never forget.

Lastly, Critter Club met Castro who is an iguana that was four feet long. This interesting critter was from Cuba and he was nineteen years of age which is pretty old. The iguana ate a live bug. In conclusion, being a Critter Club member gives me a lot of opportunities to learn, see and meet new animals. You can also visit Jungle Bob at his stores.

JUNGLE BOB’s Reptile World: www.junglebobreptileworld