A World of Opportunities for Sachem Students

A World of Opportunities for Sachem Students photo
At a recent Board of Education meeting, several Sachem Central School District faculty members and students delivered a comprehensive presentation on the career and technical education programs offered at both Sachem High School East and North, a program that encompasses technology, business, and family and consumer science disciplines.  

Chairperson Keith Connelly spoke about how the technology program creates a unique learning environment for students and places an emphasis on the hands-on learning experience. Students are challenged with real-world applications as they work to problem  solve and deploy the skills acquired through their study of engineering, carpentry or various computer-related topics.   

All aspects of the workplace are integrated into the school day through the high school Virtual Enterprise course. As Chairperson for Business Thomas Sullivan explained, this live global business course simulates the profession and calls for students to develop new business models and plans from the ground up. The course places a focus on college and career readiness and enables students to practice imperative business skills such as communication, personal finance, problem solving and technology. 

Mary Faller, the department chairperson for family and consumer sciences, spoke about the vast cosmetology program offered by the district. Through this program, students are not only provided with the opportunity to learn from various professionals about hair, nail and skin care, they also gain greater hands-on experience in an industry worth an estimated $445 billion. 

The input of the students during the presentation solidified the programs impact on their educational experience. Students Melissa Pankus and Jessica Hennessy assisted in the cosmetology presentation and students Alec Roberts, Andrew Scavo, Hannah Shapiro and Jeanine Cerqueira provided insight on the Virtual Enterprise class. Student Andrew Scavo spoke about how the non-traditional VE classroom setting provides students the opportunity to gain self-confidence, explore all aspects of the business world and acquire a number of skills needed to succeed.

“The CTE programs offered at Sachem provide students a strong foundation in their chosen career path that will propel them to continued success in their future education or career choice,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kenneth Graham. “The students participating in the various programs offered by the district are able to earn college credits and multiple state-recognized certifications as they work towards graduation. It is a great opportunity to take learning out of the textbook and enable students to make connections to subjects they are particularly interested in.”