Grundy Avenue Parade for Patriots

Grundy Avenue Parade for Patriots photo

American flags waved in the wind as students across all grade levels gathered to honor veterans during a parade in front of Grundy Avenue Elementary School.

The patriotic students, dressed in red, white and blue, cheered as the veterans marched down the road. They then joined the students in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance as part of a flag raising ceremony. Students then performed two songs for the veterans, thanking them for their extraordinary sacrifice for our country. 

Following the parade, students in grades 3-5 had the opportunity to ask the veterans questions about their experiences as members of the military. The panel of veterans fielded questions about each branch of the armed services, their individual terms of service and what influenced them to become a member of the military. 

To conclude the celebration, the students served the honorees cake and coffee and invited them to continue to share their past memories.