Carpentry Class Brings Learning to Life

Carpentry Class Brings Learning to Life photo thumbnail82873

Students at Sachem High School East take learning out of the classroom as they apply mathematics concepts while collectively constructing a small ranch-style structure from the ground up, as part of a Career Training Program Carpentry class taught by James Byrne.

As part of the yearlong program, students work right outside of their classroom to raise a residential-type structure on the grounds of High School East. Students deploy multiple construction skills learned within the classroom to aide in the challenging building project. With the help of schematics, students turn designs into something tangible. Beginning with framing, sheathing and laying the initial floor, students raised the walls for the 16x24 foot L-shaped ranch. Next, students carefully measured rough openings where they will eventually hang doors and place windows. 

While working to complete the structure, students will be challenged further with angles and measures as they raise the rafters to begin the roof. Continuing to improve their craftsmanship, the students will lay shingles to complete the roof and also work on their trim abilities as they add full siding to the building. 

As the construction project continues, students will also incorporate various other trade skills to make the structure replicate a fully functioning home on the interior as well. The house will be equipped with running water, working electricity, and simple cabinetry features, all completed by the student craftsmen.