Sachem Duo Wins Teslamania Physics Demo-Derby

Sachem Duo Wins Teslamania Physics Demo-Derby photo
Sachem High School East physics educator Richard Gearns and senior John Glenis took first place at the Teslamania Physics Demo-Derby at Stony Brook University, as they wowed onlookers with their incandescent bulb demonstration. 

The Teslamania Physics Demo-Derby is an event that gives physics educators from across Long Island an opportunity to showcase their ideas, inventions and lessons aimed at improving physics education and engaging students within the classroom. Participating educators are encouraged to incorporate demonstrations from the event into their own classrooms. 

“Teslamania was a truly fascinating experience,” said Glenis. “It exposed me to a variety of demonstrations which allowed me to better visualize the concepts we learn in class in an engaging way.”

Within their 15-minute demonstration window, the Sachem duo demonstrated to physics teachers how the filament of an AC incandescent bulb vibrates in the presence of a strong magnetic field. 

 “It’s a great contest,” said Gearns. “It brings together physics teachers and students in a way that allows everyone to share in the creativity, excitement and power of science.”