Learning Grows with Hiawatha’s Great Pumpkin

Learning Grows with Hiawatha’s Great Pumpkin photo

Hiawatha Elementary School kindergarten students were greeted by a great surprise as they participated in a fall-themed activity focused on identifying unique properties of pumpkins.

The students recited a poem and sprinkled a field outside the school with special pumpkin glitter in hopes the Great Pumpkin from the infamous Charlie Brown story would bring pumpkins overnight. The next day students were pleasantly surprised when a pumpkin patch blanketed the field where they had spread the glitter the day before. 

Kindergarten students in Mrs. Cerullo’s class began conducting several experiments – including observations of their pumpkins, describing their unique characteristics and measuring the pumpkins’ height and width with cubes. Continuing their observations, students placed their pumpkins into tubs of water, discovering their buoyancy.  

Following the activity, students were given the opportunity to take home their pumpkins to continue the fall-themed fun.