National Teen Safe Driving Week

National Teen Safe Driving Week photo
National Teen Safe Driving Week photo 2
Sachem High School East students recently participated in various special assembly programs, each reinforcing the need to exercise caution and safety when operating a motor vehicle. The programs featured guest speakers representing different organizations across Long Island, who offered valuable information on safe driving practices. 

All health education classes attended an assembly presented by Karen Torres, distracted driving awareness advocate and founder of All4UDad. Following a tragic loss caused by a distracted driver, Ms. Torres travels to schools, sharing her story and speaking of the dangers associated with driving while distracted. 

During events organized by health educators Siobhan Carey, Sean Cully and Patricia Broderick,
students were visited by Officer McVeigh from the Suffolk County Police Department and members of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office, who spoke on the topic of safe driving and the dangers of driving under the influence.

Continuing the discussion on safe driving, Al Ferrari from the Empower Assist Care Network spoke with classes about safe driving practices and personal safety.