Seneca Students Make Marble Mazes

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Students in Michael Lundstrom’s technology class at Seneca Middle School used innovative thinking as they faced design challenges in creating marble mazes, racing the clock to reach a designated goal time of eight seconds. 

Seventh-grade students in Mr. Lundstrom’s technology class focused on the engineering design process as they embarked on the challenges of navigating a marble through a maze, meeting the time constraints allowed. Supplied with cardboard from cereal boxes, students assembled the mazes, weaving the marble throughout their creations to reach its destination. The only factor aiding the marble in its descent was gravity. 

During the project, the students learned a number of lessons beyond the engineering skill acquired. These included the concept of design ethics and the importance of attributing credit for components found in others’ designs while conducting research. Additionally, self-refection was emphasized during the testing phase, which required students to recognize design failures and the need to create functional solutions that successfully completed their goals.