Connecting to Technology in Lynwood’s New Makerspace

Connecting to Technology in Lynwood’s New Makerspace photo

Students across all grade levels at Lynwood Elementary School experienced various new technologies within their makerspace room as librarians from the Sachem Public Library led an interactive showcase.

Throughout the week, Lynwood students explored technologies such as remote control mechanical arms; Osmos, an iPad attachment and app that allows students to bring drawings from the tablet to paper; and Mbots, programmable remote-controlled vehicles with a coding component. 

Along with new technologies, students were also challenged with more familiar objects. At one station, students were supplied with clothespins, popsicle sticks and alligator clips, and tasked with constructing a weight-bearing structure. An assortment of Legos was supplied at another station and students were challenged to build functioning cars or replica homes. Finally, common hand tools were incorporated to test the students’ problem-solving skills as they collaborated to remove various nuts, bolts and screws from a pegboard. 

In its inaugural year, teachers will utilize the Lynwood Elementary makerspace room to conduct educationally enriching and engaging activities.