Students Skype With Chef Ina Garten

Students Skype With Chef Ina Garten Pic
Inspiration was on the menu for students of Tiffany Ambrico-Wilson’s World at Work class at Sachem High School East as they participated in a Skype call with Ina Garten, American author and host of the Food Network program, “Barefoot Contessa.”

The World at Work class helps transition special education students from high school to life after graduation, focusing on life skills such as cleaning, cooking, shopping and managing finances. Students get a chance to practice these skills as the class partakes in weekly grocery store trips. They are also given the opportunity to work with a job coach twice a week building the skills necessary toward gaining employment. 

Ina provided the students an inside look into her preparation process, from selecting a recipe to utilizing her home garden or purchasing ingredients at her local grocery store, before cooking an Italian dish, polenta, and a class favorite treat, chocolate chip cookies. Additionally, she spoke to the students about how she became a successful chef, reflecting on her inspirations growing up and the steps she took to teach herself how to cook. Throughout the videoconference, Ina reiterated the importance of passion in anything the students choose to do in life. 

“Being able to have this experience with Ina adds to what we try to do every day,” said Ambrico-Wilson. “Find what you love to do and do it.”