Grundy Avenue Draws from Dots

Grundy Avenue Draws from Dots photo
Opening doors of artistic creativity and inspiration, Grundy Avenue Elementary students in Nicole Liuzzi’s third-grade classes participated in their annual monthlong International Dot Day art project.

Students began their project by creating a single dot on a sheet of paper. Mrs. Liuzzi then read her class “The Dot,” by Peter H. Reynold. The book portrays a little girl who is shy about expressing her artistic abilities. After some encouragement from her art teacher, she becomes inspired by a tiny dot she put on a piece of paper and then goes on to create many more works of art, all stemming from a single dot. The students in Mrs. Liuzzi’s class mirrored this process, revisiting their original dots at the completion of the book and creating their very own masterpieces. 

“I feel that the book and this project truly embody what art is all about, creativity and innovation,” said Mrs. Liuzzi. “The art room is truly the one place where students can lose their fear of being wrong and just have fun.”

While creating their works of art, the students often looked to a line from the book, “Just make a mark and see where it takes you.” Each dot took the students though their very own enriching artistic journey.