District Sets Vision for the Future of Sachem Schools

District Sets Vision for the Future of Sachem Schools Photo

New Goals Establish Measurable Outcomes for Success 

As a culmination to a multimonth discussion process, the district’s Board of Education adopted a set of long- and short-range goals on Sept. 27 focused on continuing to strengthen academic programs, bolster student services, build upon past initiatives and reflect the vision and philosophy of our district and community.

“Just as we encourage our students to remain focused and set goals for themselves, it is imperative that we as a district establish a long-term vision for the Sachem community in order to ensure that we are continuing to evolve our school system and meet the demands of the ever-changing world around us,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kenneth Graham. “These goals were created with input from various members of our school community and are ones that we believe will enhance educational opportunities, build strong connections with our students and create the foundation – both within and beyond the classroom environment.”

An overview of the district’s adopted goals can be found below. For a detailed look at the goals and the targeted steps to achieve them, please visit (Insert Link).

Goal #1: Provide Safe and Secure Schools – Deliver a safe educational environment where students are supported and empowered during all educational, extracurricular and cocurricular activities.

Goal #2: Enhance Student Achievement, Quality of Instruction and Leadership Skills – Implement a well-rounded curriculum, which allows students to excel in their current academic environment and possess the skills to succeed in their further education or chosen career path. 

Goal #3: Improve Parent, Community and Staff Communication – Engage the community through multiple mediums and increase information accessibility.

Goal #4: Improve Fiscal Responsibility and Accountability Throughout the District – Responsibly balance educational needs with taxpayer sensitivity.

Goal #5: Commit to Providing Staff with the Necessary Tools and Support to Provide the Students with the Highest Quality Education – Optimize instructional recruitment and encourage all employees to reach their full potential, positively impacting Sachem students and community through utilization of mindful professional development opportunities.

Goal #6: We are Sachem – Develop both horizontal and vertical articulation amongst our 15 schools, connecting students, staff, and community and fostering one Sachem family.

“Our school district has long maintained a reputation for providing students with a diverse and myriad of learning opportunities as well as avenues to excel beyond the walls of the classroom,” said Board of Education President Anthony Falco. “We believe that this set of goals is the first step in advancing our programs, reflect the vision our community has for our schools and will provide our students with the necessary educational opportunities to succeed in a safe and secure environment.”

The district will be reviewing the adopted goals and associated implementation action plans periodically throughout the year and identifying ways to improve moving forward. A comprehensive review of the plan will be conducted at the end of the school year during a Board of Education meeting.