ENL Summer School at Samoset

ENL Summer School at Samoset Photo
With the help of English as a New Language educators, Sachem’s kindergarten and secondary English as a New Language students are finding fun ways to build their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills this summer.

Primary students practiced kindergarten readiness skills by reading children’s literature.    Shadowing Sachem ENL educators, secondary students stared in their own weather reports and cooking demonstrations, as well as designed rockets with the help of Sachem High School East technology teacher, Keith Connelly. Students across the grade levels have also created reflection journals touching upon their personal journeys.

The ENL Summer School holds more benefit than just helping the students strengthen their understanding of English. For many students, this is the first opportunity to interact with the peers they will attend school with. Student Jassmin Guerra reflected upon the experience by saying, “ENL Summer School is helping us make new friends.” Senior Samira Rahman, who volunteered in the program added, “The program gives us a chance to communicate with peers and while building my resume for college by volunteering in the kindergarten room.”