By: Madeline Erickson, Erica Larcombe, and Alessandra DiMaria

Sagamore’s 2016 Safe Halloween was a huge success. Young Sachem students had a fantastic time getting dressed up and trick-or-treating in a safe environment. Children played creative and fun-filled games invented by the students here at Sagamore. This was beneficial to the Sagamore students because it allowed them to be creative and work with their peers to do something for the community.

While helping, students got to experience all that wonderful about Safe Halloween. They saw smiles on all of the kids’ faces. There were many enjoyable games such as pin the hat on the witch, bowling, flip the bottle, tic-tac-toe, and many more intriguing activities. Kids wore all types of costumes varying from Minnie Mouse to zombies. By the time they left, the children were all on a sugar high after all of the candy they consumed. Even though the hallways were packed, everyone who participated had a great time.

Safe Halloween was an exciting event that kids of all ages enjoyed. We are lucky to be part of a district that hosts this awesome event!