Ice Cream Social

Ice Cream Social Photo

By: Ántonia Pavek, Alyssa Gibali, Nikita Karnik and Emily Pressman

The Ice Cream Social was an enjoyable time for all grades!  This Student Government organized event was an amazing way for friends to reunite and to make new friends.  This social, sugary event was to celebrate the joining of Sequoya and Sagamore.  It was held on two separate days, one day for the 6th graders and another for the 7th and 8th graders. The principal, assistant principal and many of the teachers served the students their delectable and delicious ice cream and yummy toppings. Jake Auricchio enthusiastically exclaimed, “I mean it’s ice cream!  Who doesn’t love ice cream?”  

The Ice Cream Social was a unique, annual event to chat, eat ice cream and have fun after school!  You selected either vanilla or chocolate, or both!  Also, a bounty of toppings were there, as well!  The best part was that the event had a great turn out!  This year, more than 100 students attended.  Next year, we hope that even more students will attend!  Laughter filled the air as people enjoyed their ice cream.  This event was the perfect time for socialization and a time for special memories to be made.  In conclusion, the Ice Cream Social was a wonderful and fun time for everyone!