By Sydney Harmon and Sara Ann Mauro 

On March 18th, 2017, loads of kids from across Long Island were slicing and dicing their way through Whole Foods at the Junior Iron Chef competition! Coached by Sagamore’s own Family Consumer Science teacher, Mrs. Lindsey Shelhorse, two teams were sent into the competition based on performance in class and other factors. The team consisting of Sydney Harmon, Abby Weiss, Emily Mangan, Sara Ann Mauro and Molly Grow was called “Holy Guacamole!” They made a scrumptious avocado nest otherwise known as “egg-in-a-hole toast.” All of the ingredients were provided fresh, complimentary of Whole Foods. “Using a biscuit cutter,” says Sydney Harmon, a participant of the event, “You cut out a circle in the center of the bread and crack an egg in it. While the egg cooks up, the bread toasts, and we prepare some homespun guacamole to add on top, as well as cheddar cheese and crispy sweet potato chips that we griddle from scratch. The dish may sound odd with all of the combinations, but you’d be surprised how much depth the flavors have as a whole, and it’s super healthy!” On the other hand, the boys team had a completely different dish being cooked up; called Fresh Migas. The name of the boys team was “Ah Amigas,” and consisted of Justin McFaul, Brandon Paienza, Anthony Phillip and Aidan Szentmariay. Their dish was delicious and also very healthy. In the end, “Wholly Guacamole!” came in 2nd place and received the Mis En Place award, which is French for “everything is in place.”  The teams would like to thank everyone for supporting us especially Mr. Panasci, Mr. McGrath and Mrs. Shelhorse. “What an amazing experience it was,” says Sara Ann Mauro and Emily Mangan. “It was very fun, and I was honored to participate,” Justin McFaul declared.